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What we could never understand is how someone would want to limit the amount of games they play if they really think they have an edge in all of thier selections. They may do thier handicapping and honestly like 7 games but come to the conclusion that 7 is way too much because they read somewhere once that the more games you bet the worse your chances are to win. That has to be about the dumbest line of reasoning I've ever seen, and believe me I've seen it all. What the problem is is that thier reasoning is sort of half true. Let me explain....

Using the above scenario, instead of playing all 7 games that you like all the same, you pick out just 2 and bet $500 each. You win both and watch the other 5 go 3-2. so now you're up $1000 after going 100% but wouldn't you rather have gone 5-2 overall for a $1,400 profit? Remember, the bottom line is profit. When you have an edge over the bookmaker you must exploit that edge. This is why we stick to an iron clad bankroll management system that ensures us every chance of staying in the game. Don't get caught up in the overrated importance of winning percentages.

The next time you think about not betting some of the games that you feel you have the proper edge in, think about this...

What if you could invite your bookie over your house one day for lunch. After you finish eating you both relax in your den and you produce a sack full of marbles. You spill them out on the floor and proceed to count them in front of him. There are exactly 100 while 57 are black and 43 are red. You then make him an offer: Reach your hand into the sack and pull out one marble. Every time you pull a black one he'll pay you $1,000 and every time you pull a red one you pay him $1,100 and after each pull you replace the marble into the sack and redraw from the full 100. How long do you think this game will go on? I think it's safe to say you won't be serving him dinner!!

The point is when you're betting into the bookmakers line and you know you have the edge, then why would you want to stop reaching into the sack? Your goal should be to reach in as often as possible provided you're sure you have the proper edge.
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