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Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to pick winners and not enough time trying to win???Say what you say? This is the pitfall of most amateurs. Sure, every one wants to pick winners. most will try anything...Stats, trends, injuries, line moves, wearing you lucky shirt...the list goes on. What good are winners if you don't know how to turn them into cash? Too many people with winning records wind up going broke because of mismanaging their bankrolls. Greed is the number one reason an amerature sports bettor goes broke. If you start out the week let's say winning 7 out of 8 plays Monday through Wednsday going $500 each, instead of being happy with a $2950 profit you decide that your hot streak warrants a big $2000 move on the Thursday night televised game. You don't even like the matchup but you're so hot, how can you lose? Why not you say. I'm playing with the bookies money anyway. Let's go for the kill. Of course the game loses so now you're sick to your stomach. You're 7-2 for the week and only up $750 because you pissed away $1650 trying to steal...Yes steal...because in sports betting if you step out of you bankroll limitations you are taking an unnecessary risk. Losing that game will hurt you alot more than winning it will help you. With the above scenario you now have to go on another 7-1 run @ $500 a game to improve on the $2950 figure you had when you woke up Thursday.

So getting back to my original point of priorities, let's say you are disciplined and are playing for profit only. Say instead of a 7-1 run it was only 5-3. Now you're up $850 Thursday morning, you still don't like the Thursday night game so you pass and wait for the next opportunity where you have the edge.
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