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No, we're not talking about getting dragged to the mall on Sunday by the wife, I'm talking about shopping lines. With the ease of access to so many reputable offshore books there is no longer any excuse to have to take the worst of it on any pointspread or money line ever again. There is nothing more painful for me than hearing a client tell me how he pushed a game he should have won or he lost a game he should have pushed. And it's even more frustrating when he says "that's alright, I pushed, at least I didn't lose". But in actuality he did lose. You see, if you laid say 5 points when you know there were 4 1/2's out there but you only had 1 or 2 places to play at the time and they both had 5 so of course you laid the 5 because it was either that or not play the game. So instead of winning $1,000 you won zero because the game fell 5 and where I went to school that equates to losing $1,000! It's the same principal had you laid 8 1/2 on a game when there were 8's out there. If the game fall 8 you lose $1,100 instead of pushing.....it's DEVISTATING AND TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE!!!!

While on the subject, let me put a dollar amount on the devistation. Let's say that over the course of 1,000 plays you have 10 games that you push that you could have won. At $1,000 / game that's $10,000 out of your pocket. Considering @ 55% winners for the year is 550 wins - 450 losses -45 vig =55 net wins or $55,000 now that number is down to $45,000... ALMOST 20% OF YOU TOTAL YEARLY PROFIT. I don't know about you but I work WAY too hard for my money to just flush 20% of it down the toilet.

And I guarantee there are way more than 10 situations out of 1,000 where a half point will come into play as long as you let it by not having AT LEAST SIX PLACES TO PLAY. Just remember that each time it happens to you, it costs you a full units profit.

Another edge that now exists thanks to the offshore world is REDUCED JUICE. Many books now offer lays as low as 105 on straight wagers. That alone will increase your profit in the above situation OVER 40%!!! Instead of profiting 55 net units over the course of 1,000 plays @ 55% you now profit 77! 550 wins - 450 losses - 23 vig =77 net wins @ $1,000/game = $77,000 profit!!!

I'm sure you're starting to see the big picture by now. It's all about getting every single little edge that you can find or create. In the end it all spells

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