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Oh sure, they're a great way to get to know each other but a terrible way to make you a client. Think about it, if we do well with the free releases, then "common sense" says "why should I pay when I'm winning for free?" And if you happen to start with us when we lose a few then you run the other way and aren't around at the end of the month counting your money like the rest of us. The best advice I can give you to "remedy" the situation is to go into the site and really read through it. If it all makes sense to you then you'll realize just how useless free picks are.Not useless because they won't win over time, but useless as trying to guage us over a short period. So take the time to contact us and stop letting free picks get in the way of us profitting nicely off of each other!!

We work very hard at constantly having the edge over the bookmaker. We work even harder at making sure each and every one of our clients stay in the game by keeping a close eye on everyone's unique situation. This all takes time and energy so I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that we expect to get paid for our services. It really is a shame what this industry has evolved into. To look at some of the web sites or some of the print ads out there lately is like reading the Sunday comics. How anyone take these people seriously is beyond me.

Besides, what good would it do to give free games? To really get a handle on one's TRUE ABILITIES takes time. One or two games isn't going to do it!! You must have some interest because you knew before you even entered the site that we're not "free game givers" and you're still reading.

How about all those free game pedalers using the free games to their advantage whether the game wins or loses!! Yeah, if the game wins it's because it was the HUGEST PLAY EVER KNOWN TO MAN but when it loses... well it lost because "what do you expect it was just a free game...oh, I'm sorry, you wanted the winners... well you have to pay for those!" We tell you right up front that
our free picks are given to our paying clients also...they're just a small part of our arsenal!!

Bottom line is if you like what you've read so far and everything makes sense, take the time to
CONTACT US to set up your free consultation.

You'll find our
rates and different programs very affordable in the whole scope of the big picture. We understand that everyone's needs are different so therefore there are many different levels of membership available. Remember, what we offer here is not for everyone. To find out if you fit in, contact us to set up a free consultation with a Betting As A Business professional consultant.

Hope to see you aboard real soon!!!