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Understanding Baseball And Sports Betting
As illustrated in our baseball program
, we "flat bet" in baseball which means we risk the same amount per game. If we're betting a -140 favorite, we don't risk 140 to make 100, we instead risk 100 to make 71 (100 / 140 = 71). By the same token, if we're betting a +140 dog, we risk 100 to make 140. So each game that we lose, we lose 100 while the amount that we profit on winning games will always vary (less than 100 on favorites and more than 100 on dogs).

***We use "100" as a play size to represent 100% of the bet size. Your bet size can be anything you want it to be as long as you keep it constant. Varying your play size without a plan
is asking for trouble; this is when most people start losing because the lesser amount bets don't really matter.

If you're going to be succesful at sports betting, you have to understand sports betting. If you are looking for instant and constant success, please DO NOT sign up, as we cannot deliver...nobody can. What we do over here is search for each and every advantage we can find and when a matchup exists where we feel there is value in the line, we put our money on it and the rest is up to the laws of averages. By always having "the best of it" we can't help but to show a profit over the course of time. However, we have the standard deviation curve to deal with. Even though we know through extensive research and hard work that each game we release will win enough times out of every 100 times played to show a profit, the problem is that it will also lose many times every 100+. This is the part that we can't control. We can only keep putting our money in action with the best of it and long term profits are inevitable! (Click here
for more on the subject).

The bottom line is we produce profits overall in baseball of 1-2 units per week on average. If it were a perfect world, we would win between 1 and 2 units every week, no more no less...but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. We must be subjected to the dreadful streaks; losing AND winning! As strange as it may sound, we don't like winning streaks...it clouds people's expectations. It lulls clients, especially new ones, into a false sense of security. How many stories we've heard of people going broke because when the inevitable losers do come, someone decided our hot streak will continue so they started betting 10 times thier usual play size.

We encourage everyone considering using our services to understand exactly what it is they are paying us for. We don't sell instant success! By joining you can rest assured that you will take the edge away from your bookmaker and possess an advantage in every play we give you. As stated above, this will give you the advantage you need to show profits at the end of MOST WEEKS AND MONTHS!

For those of you who still haven't been introduced to our Exclusive Baseball Program, take the time to understand why baseball is the most profitable sport for us...BAR NONE!!

What makes us different than all the wanna-bes out there is our ability to spot weak lines which are created by wide spread public overreaction to teams' short term successes and failures. You see, you must understand that a team is never as good as it looks when they are blowing out an opponent on a good day; a day where they seem to be getting all the right bounces and all the favorable calls. Conversly, a team is never as bad as it looks when the calls and bounces are all going against them on a particular day and they wind up losing big. Just as people in general have good days and bad days, so do teams. Just because a quality team blows out an opponent one night doesn't make them world beaters overnight yet so many misinformed bettors see the blowout and are willing to lay whatever price necessary to back them the next time they play.