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Sports betting can be one of the most lucrative investments if it is looked upon as such. The problem is that the vast majority of sports bettors are lost souls wandering aimlessly.

First and foremost, before ever placing a single bet, one should survey the situation and determine a plan of action. It’s much like building a house. If you just start framing the structure and add wall, floors, stairs, appliances, etc., with no regard for the foundation on which the house sits, you are surely going to come home one day to a pile of rubble. The same holds true for sports betting. If you bet random amounts on different games with no regard for how you’re going to pay if you lose or what you’re going to do with the profits if you win you are
DESTINED TO GET DESTROYED!! For those of you that have or are still playing like this you know what I’m talking about. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Especially when you are down and desperate and start chasing. That’s when you can’t win. There is a certain level a player reaches when no matter what you do you simply just CANNOT PICK A WINNER!! It’s so bad you start wondering if it’s you…. “am I cursed?” you ask yourself. The answer is no. Just misinformed as to CORRECT BANKROLL MANAGEMENT.

Notice I said bankroll management and not money management. There’s a big difference between the two. Money management systems preached by some of the so called experts are complete farces with no regard for the depth of the player’s pockets. Here’s an example: the star rating system. If I were a bookmaker I’d invite all my players to an all expense paid week long resort style retreat/seminar on this subject. Rate your games on the star system 1 star through 10 stars. Pick an amount to go per star and adjust you play size accordingly. (Let’s use $100 per star). So you sign up with a service and they start you off giving you a bunch of one’s, two’s, and three’s and are down say 8 “stars” the first 2 days. Now all of a sudden they start firing away on the third day with three 5 star plays and lose two out of three putting you in the hole now 14 units. So instead of pulling up and being more careful they now unveil the “secret weapon” 10 star play. Today we have two 10 star power moves you are told. So here you are on day 4 of your “ADVENTURE WITH MONKEY MATHMETICIANS”. You’re already down $1,500 as a $100 per star player and are now expected to go a dime a game or you’re not following the program so therefore it’s your fault you’re down. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play larger amounts on higher rated plays. In fact I’m agreeing that yes there are certain times to step out and go for the kill, but it must be a calculated well thought out plan of attack. You cannot vary your play size so dramatically without a plan. You must know the consequences should you start losing the bigger games. You must know your OVERALL BANKROLL LIMITATIONS
before you start playing, much the same as you must lay a solid foundation before starting construction on a new house.

The first step is to determine how big you bankroll is because that amount is what's going to dictate your play size. Now that number doesn’t have to be one lump of cash sitting in front of you, it merely means the total amount of money you are willing to risk over time before you must stop playing. Once you come up with that figure the rest of the formula falls into place. Even with this approach the above star system will never work because you simply can’t vary your play size so greatly within the same bankroll. Your success depends too greatly on the outcome of the bigger star plays that the smaller ones really become meaningless. This is where our
system comes into play. After determining your depth, we advise splitting that amount into several “independent bankrolls”. As everyone’s goals are different, so are the ways of splitting the bankroll. For example, let’s say your depth is $5,000. As explained in other areas of this site, if you want to be totally “safe” with your $5,000 investment you’d go 1% of your BR per unit (our game day e-mail releases are rater between 1-2 units in quarter unit increments.). No more, no less. At this speed yes you stand to make between $3,000 - $10,000 over the course of the year. Problem with this is there’s really not enough potential to get you excited. You’d only be going between $50-$100 per game. This “safe” area of sports betting is really only for those with big bankrolls. If you were able to go $50,000 - $100,000 deep then the numbers could become appealing but on limited depth the more you request to make, the riskier the proposition becomes.

Let’s say you want to try and triple your 5k in two weeks. It can be done but of course it is a much riskier situation than tripling in a year. To make that kind of return we would advise playing our
Late Info 6 Unit Releases 
only. Since there are so few of these releases AND they win at such a high rate, you can go a much bigger portion of your BR per game. We recommend anywhere from 15% to 30%, depending how risky you wanted to get. Remember, the riskier the plan, the greater the return. Generally we’ll release about 5 or 6 of these per week in basketball and about 4-5 per month in football. As long as these plays stay true to form, you should show a profit of approx. 2-3 net wins per week. So at 20% per play ($1000), you can see how your initial 5k can triple real fast.

Let's say that after a month you turned your 5k into 12k. You now have options: You can decide to take your original 5k out of the equation so you're now playing on profits only, or you can leave the profits in and make them part of your bankroll and start going 20% of the 12K per game ($2400). Now, if we continue to have the same success as the last month, you'll make close to 30k MORE growing your bankroll to over 40k in 2 months! Now you have more decisions to make as to what to do with the profits. If you choose to leave the whole bankroll working for you, it would be advisable at this point to split it into 2 SEPARATE BR's. Again, depending on your specific goals, put part of the BR at the "safe" base level where you'd play ALL our releases that go out in the Game Day E-Mail Reports for 2% of THAT BR per game. A recommended split would be say 30k to this level and leave the other 10k reserved for the Late Info Games. Now you can pretty much count on the 30k making you between 30k-70k per year and the other 10k trying to continue to make quick hits. The beauty of this method is that even if you deplete the upper level at this point by getting too risky, you’re not out of the game. You just need to revise the “blueprint”. Like any other investment you MUST KNOW THE FACTS!!!
You cannot wander aimlessly through sports wagering or you are sure to be adding to your bookies fortune!!